Treat Low Libido
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Treats Low T in Men & Women

Elevate mood and motivation
Sexual desire and performance
Muscle development and strength
Increase energy levels
androforte androfeme

Testosterone Uses and Indications

Testosterone is the male sex hormone (androgen)
responsible for our sexual desire and reproduction.
Both men and women need testosterone, even though
it is traditionally considered to be in males only.
Women produce testosterone in their ovaries and men
produce testosterone in their testes.
Testosterone has many uses around the body apart
from sexual function so it’s important to make sure
your hormone levels are balanced.

If you have low testosterone levels you can experience a lull
in the quality of your life. It can affect many aspects of your relationships, at work and at home. If this is the case, then the use of a testosterone replacement therapy is needed.

Testosterone creams like AndroForte for men and AndroFeme for women do not replace testosterone production, they supplement the existing production. This means that your body continues to produce testosterone and the testosterone cream is used to top up what your body is failing to produce. Using testosterone replacement therapy can help you regain control of these functions:
Testosterone uses and ways TRT can improve your life
The main uses of testosterone therapy include:
  • To Increase libido
  • To ease depression
  • To improve concentration
  • To reduce emotional mood changes
  • To maintains energy levels
  • To reduce fatigue
Additional uses of testosterone therapy:
  • Preserves bone density
  • Develops reproductive tissue
  • Builds muscle bulk
  • Activates the growth of facial and body hair
  • Deepens the voice
  • Changes fat distribution in the body
  • Increases bone growth
  • Enables the body to retain nitrogen, calcium, sodium, potassium, chloride and phosphate

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