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Testomeds vs Compounded testosterone cream

Testomeds supplies registered testosterone cream, not compounded testosterone cream

Pharmaceutical compounding is when a product is made in a pharmacy specifically to a prescription for a patient in a specific strength, this is usually done when it is medically necessary and the strength or products are not commercially available.

In the last few months and years in the US there has been a spate of contaminated products coming out of compounding pharmacies, in 2012 in New England there was a fungal outbreak in steroid injections. In Aug 2013 in Texas there was a recall of sterile products due to a bacterial contamination ) And the FDA had found over 30 compounding pharmacies in 18 states to have potential safety issues.

So the question remains – why buy compounded testosterone cream? or for that matter any compounded product when a commercially available substitute exists. Androforte cream is a TGA approved testosterone cream for men, it comes in a 5% cream and a 2% cream and the dosing can be adjusted according to your needs. Androfeme is a 1% testosterone cream specifically designed for women and the doseage can be easily adjusted So why buy compounded testosterone cream or compounded hormones when there are commercially available alternatives that are manufactured according to rigorous standards and approved by government bodies (TGA Australia).

Testomeds is the international distributor of all Lawley pharmaceutical testosterone and hormone creams. They are manufactured to TGA standards and are not compounded testosterone creams. All Testomeds products are bioidentical meaning they are exactly the testosterone and progesterone your body recognises and are not analogues that act in a similar way to T.

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  • With the latest news from obamacare that they will regulate compounded prescription products – I couldn’t agree more that it is always better to find a registered licensed pharmaceutical product that is produced to international manufacturing standards and holds a license rather than getting it compounded in a pharmacy.
    It is about time that the FDA steps in and regulates this industry that has had so many problems lately!

    Saul Kaye BPharm 1 December, 2013 8:32 AM Reply

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